Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Fred!

Are you wearing a cardigan today? I hope so. Today marks Mister Rogers' 84th birthday. Though he's no longer with us, this special day is used to remember his mission on this planet: to share, to love, to wear sweaters.

Such a special human deserves a special birthday, and iGeneration is your official party blog! I thought I'd jump start the week with a few tips on what you can do to bring a little more Fred into your life.

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2. Teach someone how to tie their shoes
3. Zip up your sweater, then zip it down
4. Bring a puppet to life
5. Learn how to play a song on the piano

Stay tuned for the ultimate factory tour list later this week!


  1. Love it! I just rented a DVD with two Mr. Rogers episodes about love and friendship. It of course included a behind the scenes look at a local restaurant. This guy really understood how to make media for young children.

  2. Thanks, Eleanor. Yeah, so smart and entertaining!