Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Man Or Muppet: Bert

I can't help but associate people that I care about with Muppets. How could a Muppet-loving gal like myself not think about these things? Don’t deny it. You do it too. It’s what made Man or Muppet so funny.

Today, I launch a new series of posts with a board for my guy, the Bert to my Ernie. As I was thinking about the best birthday gift for him, I listed all the things that described him or that he liked. My list included: smart, tech savvy, tall, stoic with a penchant for silliness, likes sweaters, loves pigeons. He's an undeniable Bert (and maybe there’s a little Scooter in there, too).

So this is what I would buy Bert…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1- A sweater is the perfect combo style and warmth. Snaz it up with bright colors, stripes, or a monogram (so Ernie can't steal it).
2- If you want to share your Bert-ness with the world, these are the hats and gloves for you. The gloves are perfect for impromptu puppet shows.
3- Want to convey your affection for pigeons on your most beloved tech device? Rock this bird-loving iPhone case.
4- Saddle shoes are IN and there's more variety than ever. Now Bert can own more than just one pair of shoes.
5- Bert's paper clip collection is expanding with new selections of different paper clip shapes and colors!