Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Something special...

During my visit to Pittsburgh/Latrobe, PA last year for the Fred Forward Conference, people kept asking me, "What is happening at Tufts University?" They asked this question because 2 out of 3 scholarship winners in 2010 were from Tufts, Rachel Schechter and me. They then found out that Sabrina Connell, a 2008 recipient of the award, is also attending Tufts to receive her Masters. Later, they might have heard that Michael Robb, another 2008 recipient, was an undergraduate at Tufts before receiving his award. We all have/are completing a degree in the child development program there, and I think Tufts is the most represented institution amongst the scholarship winners.

Something special is happening at Tufts University. Actually, somethingS special are happening. It's why I chose Tufts over other media and human development programs. Some of my reasons were:
1. It's a child development specific program
2. I'd complete the program in two years providing me with a lot of time to really learn and exercise all the theory I was digesting
3. It's attached to 2 lab schools were I could teach, observe, and test my practice
4. Amazing faculty including Julie Dobrow who is an incredible leader and very well-versed in the world of media and media education
5. The amazing faculty is full-time and not just makes a difference
6. Freedom to create!

In addition to these reasons, there is one that is particularly important. The children's media folks at Tufts are few in number but mighty! Under the leadership of Julie Dobrow, we meet on a monthly basis to share our projects, get peer feedback, trade information about events and jobs, and meet with visiting guests and speakers. Monday night was our first meeting of the year, and there was so much fantastic energy in the room! There were about 10 people of various ages and degrees with interests ranging from research to production to marketing. We have the opportunity to do something(s) really amazing this year!

I'm so glad to see that the number of students interested in children's media is growing. I think it says something very positive about the professional field of creating work for children. What do you think?

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