Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mr. Potato Head Takes a Bath

While at Nickelodeon this summer, one of my favorite intern duties was bathing Mr. Potato Head. I felt so strongly about it that I actually wrote my final internship paper on that very topic. I've included, for your convenience, a page from my paper where I detail the process of bathing Mr. Potato Head. Enjoy!
You might be wondering why. I get it. It's strange. When out doing research on new episodes of Dora, we used Mr. Potato Heads as distracters (toys to distract the child from the show, which replicates a home environment). It was my job to clean these Mr. Potato Heads after we visited schools. It wasn't a challenging task at all. It was mostly weird and a little boring. I came to love it, though, because other people on the floor thought it was weird too! They would stop and ask me what I was doing. Through that, we began talking about children's television, television in general, their jobs, how they got there, my graduate work, and my goals. It was absolutely one of the best parts of my summer.
I write about Mr. Potato Head not only because he is near and dear to my heart now, but also because I want to remind the up and comers out there that sometimes you have to do boring, meaningless tasks. Greatness can come out of these tasks. When you prove that you can make a meaningless job important, people begin to take notice.

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  1. Um. THen you must be uber excited about the new SHona Reppe show this season. I am thinking about flying back for it - want to make a date and watch Shona convince a potato to take a bath?