Friday, September 24, 2010

In the News...

As part of this blog, I like to highlight important events in the news that are related to the field of children's media. Lately, I've gotten nervous about this. What if I insult someone? Will this have an impact on my job search in June? The answer to these questions is: most likely. However, i consider it my duty to continue informing my readers of what is happening...and how I feel about it. In the most diplomatic way possible, of course.
Recently, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood found their latest target: Skechers and Nickelodeon. Skechers has created a television show, Zevo-3, which is set to air on Nickelodeon's Nicktoons channel. CCFC claims that this violates the FCC law stating that television programs cannot be aired for the purpose of selling a product. After spending a summer with Nickelodeon, I actually find it somewhat surprising that they would even consider airing something of this nature. I have learned, though, that Nicktoons is very different from Nick, Jr. They make no promises about educational television, and I happen to think their content is not the strongest out there. The show is being defended by Nickelodeon and Skechers Entertainment. If you're wondering why Skechers has a branch for entertainment purposes, then we must be kindred spirits. Bravo to Susan Linn for speaking out and monitoring what the FCC has clearly overlooked. I encourage you to read the full NYTimes article and develop your own opinion on the matter. Comments welcomed!
Next up...Katy Perry. As Sesame Street launches it's 41st season (congrats!), a video of Perry singing with Elmo was posted online. According to the press, Sesame pulled the video because of the overwhelming complaints about Perry's ensemble.
Two things about this video:
1-I am so impressed that Sesame would pull a video because of overwhelming disdain. It's a smart choice for them to listen to parents (hopefully parents were actually the ones complaining).
2- It got pulled because of the outfit?! I saw the video before it was frowned upon. It sucks. It's just bad. Sorry, Sesame. I felt so sad for the poor, young writer who imagined the concept and thought the very "in" Perry would be a great guest for kids and their parents. After watching it again, though, I can't help but wonder what the heck they were thinking! Elmo doesn't want to play with you for a reason, Katy.

More about the controversy here.

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