Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caine's Arcade

What I love most about this business is our inclination to let kids and kid culture inspire our work (which in turn inspires kids). I'm sure you've seen Caine's Arcade already, but it's worth a second/third/tenth view.

This short film reminded me of the movie theater I would create in my grandparents' living room as a child. I would use the TV Guide to help me devise a viewing schedule, and the sell tickets for $.10 to family and friends. Role play helps kids experience what it might be like to take on different adult roles. In Caine's case, it's gone one step beyond role play to actual adult work. I wonder what Caine will do when he grows up. Will he have his own arcade? Will he become a game developer or an engineer that creates new arcade games?

What kind of roles did you experiment with as a child? Did you ever pretend to run a small business?

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