Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SpiderMonster as Muse

Today is my one quiet, restful day before summer teaching starts. After a relaxing walk, it is time to put on my big girl sundress and get down to business.

My projects today include some preliminary data analysis for a study that I'm working on and the outline of a new show I'm creating. I'll be compiling all of my notes scribbled on corners of paper and coming up with a cohesive outline and plan. It's been a very slow and sluggish morning, and it's taken me a great deal of self-motivation to get started. I just saw this new promotional sneak peek that Sesame Workshop released for it's upcoming season.

SpiderMonster pokes fun at the drama that has surrounded the "new" musical adaptation of Spider-Man. It reminded me that writing for children should be funny, relevant, and accessible. Those are the words I'll be carrying with me today.

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