Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cookie Monster Should Host SNL

For most, it's Saturday Night Live. For me, it's Sunday Morning Syndication. I wake up on Sunday mornings with excitement coursing through my veins. Thanks to the magic of Hulu, I get to watch my favorite TV show a day after it airs. I never miss an episode! I replay the parts that I particularly like or that I think might be fun for others to watch. My SNL love is not new. In the '90s, my uncles would tape SNL and replay the parts that they really liked and thought were appropriate for me. Once I reached high school, I would stay up and watch on my own. It was an event each week...something I looked forward to!

I was so thrilled when I saw Sesame's campaign for Cookie Monster to host. In many ways, I think Sesame Street primes children to watch shows like SNL. They're extremely close in style and parody some of the most important cultural events, making them available for public consumption. The picture they took is BRILLIANT! The video is damn funny. Check it out...

In support of Cookie's desire to host SNL, I decided to coach him a bit. We discussed the format of the show, practiced using cue cards, took turns screaming "Live from New York, it's Saturday niiiiiiiiight." I even lectured him on pacing himself at the after party. Here are some pictures from our work together...

Reviewing the show format

"Don't forget to thank Lorne Michaels!"

Studying current events for Weekend Update

I wish Cookie Monster the best of luck as he works towards achieving his goal. Can you think of any special or unique ways of supporting him and his efforts?

I'll be watching, Cookie...the next morning...

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