Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CD61 Challenge!

So here's the deal: this afternoon I will be sharing of my media work and experiences with Martha Potts' CD61 course for Tufts undergrads. I decided to present them with a challenge similar to one David Kleeman facilitated at the Fred Forward Conference last March. As students of personal and social development, they have a chance to pitch me a unique show with a curriculum based on their coursework this semester. These pitches will be posted in the comment field below and are limited to 2-3 sentences. Consider it a digital elevator pitch!

Their deadline is 11:59pm on Friday, December 3rd. The times on my blog are completely I will be online at 11:59pm noting who is last to post. THE WINNER will receive a copy of the book The World According to Mister Rogers. That book has been a huge source of inspiration and support throughout my post-college life. One quote, in particular, helped me write my admissions essay for Tufts. I'll be announcing the lucky student on the blog Sunday evening. Only CD61 students are eligible!

I don't think a contest like this would ever work with industry professionals. People would be far to scared to share their ideas in such a public forum. I certainly would! I'm hoping that these students will be open and will not share a sacred idea that they have been harboring forever. I also TRUST EVERYONE OUT IN THE ETHER to respect these students and their ideas. If you're interested in something you hear, maybe you should consider scouting out some Tufts students for a series development!

Post away, CD61...


  1. For shame! What a group of slackers! Thanks for coming in and sharing your experience with us. You were great! =)

  2. Can I read the book that they were going to win?! I will give it back, promise!

  3. Yes, ma'am! Hopefully you'll be there when I get back :-)