Monday, October 18, 2010

What does IRB stand for?

A. Intimidating Rejecting Beasts
B. Interesting Reflective Blokes
C. Internal Review Board

The answer is both B & C. Tricked ya!

I'm in the process of finalizing all of my paperwork for Tufts' IRB to review. I'm doing this so I can study the effectiveness and appeal of my Rogers project. I had heard horror stories about the IRB. I was so psyched out by all of these tales, that I began to dread submission and even delayed it for quite some time. However, the time has come!

I decided to meet with a member of the IRB at Tufts to get some feedback on my study. They do that! They meet with you. They're real people and actually really nice! The meeting was so productive, and I got some great feedback on my work. I've now taken two weeks to review and rewrite and am heading back in for one more meeting before submitting. I feel good about this!

After submitting all that paperwork, the data collection and analyzing should be a breeze and really enjoyable. All of the leg work has been completed. My friend/mentor/role-model Sabrina will be collecting data with me. I'm especially looking forward to working with her. She has a brilliant mind, and I'm sure she will have an interesting way of approaching the data once it's been collected.

Will my study get approved the first time around? Stay tuned!

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  1. Aw. You're too good to me. I'm so excited to be involved! It has been incredibly fun watching YOUR brilliant mind pull all of this together.