Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shining Time Station

So many of my childhood memories revolve around our old TV set in the middle of our very small living room. For the most part, my mom shared so many of my TV memories. However, there was one show that I always watched with my dad on the weekends: Shining Time Station. It was a little old timey, but completely brilliant! A run-down train station in the midst of the world's technology boom, and a mini train conductor who told stories about a tank engine named Thomas. Shining Time Station really was a place "where dreams could come true," as the theme song states.

I found out this morning that the Thomas the Tank Engine series is up for sale. I saw the price tag, took a deep breath, and decided not to risk my entire financial future, including the financial futures of my great, great grandchildren. The show is selling for $700 million. If I had the reputation and money to purchase the property, I would absolutely do my best to bring back Shining Time Station. I wonder if Didi and Ringo would be up for a revival? Who would you cast?

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