Monday, August 13, 2012

Best of Etsy Fairy Tale Finds

Fairy tales were so important in my family. My mother wanted us to believe in the magical, learn to expect the unexpected, and take away the lesson each story had to offer. She cites her sharing these with us as helping to instill some whimsy into our lives, but my take away was the art of storytelling. I learned that good stories, though adapted through retellings, are timeless.

I could spend a month blogging about fairy tales. Actually, I think I will. Until then, I leave you with the best fairy tale items on Etsy right now...

This Einstein quote provides a necessary reminder. If I were teaching right now, this would be on the top of the letter I send to parents at the beginning of the school year.

A true victory to wear the pea you felt under so many mattresses, around your neck.

The detail in this Pinnochio puppet charm takes my breath away.

A Rapunzel wig for pretend play, a costume, or just a chilly morning.

Beware: don't piss off the fairies. You'll live to regret it!

Fairy tale story utensils for picnics, parties, or theater game starters.

Heather Ross's Far Far Away patterns are beyond compare. I love this tech case made with her fabric.

Lover Dovers makes beautiful, retro style princess aprons. Both kid and adult sizes are available!

What's your favorite fairy tale find?

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