Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prettying Up Your Puppet Party

By Tara Hewlett of As Long As It's Fancy

Now its time to dress up our party.  Let's start with our table decor, to ensure that all of the goodies we baked have an equally pretty backdrop!  Our centerpiece flowers get the Muppet treatment by borrowing some beakers and test tubes from Beaker and Dr. Honeydew.

vase 1vase 2vase 3vase 4vase 5

Next, let's add some fun to our chairs.  All we needed were a few pieces of paper and some string.  We cut a decorative edge on a large piece of card stock and attached to the chair back with ribbon.  Next, we printed a film frame and a still from our favorite scene of a Muppets show.  Finally, we glued this scene onto the card stock and we have dressed up the chairs for our party!

 I loved some of the modern artwork I found of the Muppets.  Need to let guests know at which home to stop for the party?  Try blowing up some of the graphic artwork and cut into streamers for the porch! 

An accent wall in your entry will get guests in the Muppet party mood immediately.  The best part about this accent wall?  It's temporary!  These wall decals get an extended life after the party by moving them to the playroom or bedroom.

wall decal

I used the cute Muppets alphabet to create garland.  String this anywhere around the party where you feel it's not looking festive enough. 

alphabet artwork

We definitely want our guests to remember how much fun they had celebrating this month, so make sure they grab a Muppets favor bag on the way out.  Fill the bags with treats and decorate with some contemporary Muppet artwork and bow!

It's time for the finishing touch on our decor - the theater!  Not sure how to put it together, check out the instructions here.    Don't forget about the personalized Muppets we made during game time.  This is the perfect setting to show them off.  Just make sure that you set up your theater in a prominent place so that all of the guests can see the show!

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  1. Don't forget the balloon animals!