Monday, January 16, 2012

My (Ideal) Creative Space

The energy of a single space can inspire and encourage development and creativity. As I’m in the midst of an apartment search, I'm considering what my ideal workspace would look like. Fingers crossed for an oversized walk-in closet!

I want the room to accommodate my office space needs and reflect my interests and industry. Children’s media is particularly challenging to reflect in design. I'd like my space to pop and mirror the excitement of learning and discovery, while maintaining calm.

1. I think the circus tent panels from Big Top Fitness would make excellent curtains!
2. 'Good Morning' finger puppet poster by Egg Press
3. 'Have Fun' finger puppet poster by Egg Press
4. 'Good Night' finger puppet poster by Egg Press
5. Colorful Mid-Century desk
6. Ideas and inspiration cork board
7. Bookcase for DVDs and child development books
8. File cabinet to hide the clutter
9. Colorful swivel chair for work and seated swing dancing
10. The Neighborhood Trolley

What does your ideal workspace look like?

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