Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Writer's Workshop with Elly Kramer

As expected, last night's Women in Children's Media event was fantastic. The event was part of the Writer's Workshop monthly series, and featured Elly Kramer. Elly is a director of production and development for Nickelodeon Preschool. Basically, she is kick-ass.

We discussed how her department works to acquire and grow content at Nickelodeon. Perhaps my favorite quote of the night was, "Development never stops once the show gets picked up." That just goes to show that Nickelodeon is committed to providing interesting and relevant content to its viewers.

She reminded us that Nickledeon has an open submissIon policy, which is great! This means you can submit your content, music, or art, pretty much at any time. She recommended doing so at This seems to be a particularly useful resource for visual artists and musicians, who can be added to Nick's database through the site.

Check it out!

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