Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolution Revelation

I rarely make New Year's resolutions. For whatever reason, summer has always held a greater promise to me. As May ends, I decide what I'd like to learn or do in the forthcoming three months. Perhaps the pressure of 365 days is just too much.

I find myself in an interesting personal place this January. As of tomorrow I enter my final semester of graduate school. I'll also be finalizing all details of my Rogers Project and will be completing my thesis in the next few months. I just need something new to get me through this.

I decided that I needed to stimulate my creativity just a bit more and challenge myself to think about the kind of work I want to create when this whole grad school thing is over. This year I'll be coming up with a new children's media idea or pitch each day. Yes, each day. Life happens, and there may be days that go by where I just can't do it...but I have to try! I truly believe inspiration is everywhere, everyday. Because it's way easier to use Twitter from my phone than the blog, I'll be tweeting these ideas each day. You can follow me at: ChrissyZags

They don't have to be super involved or fully thought out. Who knows, I may come up with a single character and spend the rest of the year deciding what the world around them looks like. I'm so excited to take this journey. I hope you'll take it with me!

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