Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Pee-wee Herman Show

Last Thursday my boyfriend and I marked our first year as a couple. We decided to celebrate on Friday and had such a romantic day...we took the NJTransit into New York and walked midtown like a pair of holiday tourists. We window shopped passed Macy's, stopped to watch ice skaters in Bryant Park (and check out the new Kate Spade pop-up igloo), and walked up to see the tree at Rock Center. It was fantastic! We were in the city with a purpose, though. We had tickets for The Pee-wee Herman Show, the new Broadway production of the famous character from 1980's children's television. After a great dinner, we headed to the Stephen Sondheim Theater for the show. The pre-show festivities alone made me feel like a child. The merchandise kiosks provided any Pee-wee fan with enough fuel for the next 20 years. I caved and bought a tee shirt and a magnet set. Downstairs, we shamelessly spent much too much on cocktails that we could drink in the theater from a sippy cup.

As I sat in my seat, sipping my drink, the music cued and the curtain opened. I couldn't stop smiling! The show was very much written and directed for an older audience and uses audience members' nostalgia to keep the show going. We screamed for the word of the day, we helped Pee-wee say the Pledge of Allegiance (yup), and we cheered as he achieved one of his dreams.

Beyond just promoting the show and sharing my Pee-wee love, I write this blog because it's based on a children's television show from the 1980's (okay,'s based on a comedy show that led to a TV special that led to a children's television show). This character was and is so very important to so many people who have now grown up and want to share Pee-wee with their families (despite his unforgettable indiscretion). The characters and stories that we create and share now could have a long-lasting impact on our culture and our children. Is there a program on television now that you think could have this similar long-lasting, cross-generational impact? Which show could you see making it to Broadway in 20 years?

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