Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have a big weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow I drive up to Boston with my director and cast to film the first episode of my Rogers project. Very fortunately, I have so many people who have been helping me along the way and contributing in various forms. I especially could not do this project with my mother, Arlene. Arlene has been my mom, personal assistant, therapist, and cheerleader as I transition from step to step throughout the creation process. Gracias, mama!
As a creative team, we are ready for this weekend! I met with my director (Blake McCarty) and cast (J'nelle Bobb-Semple and WT McRae) on Monday night to rehearse at 440 Studios. I had an unbelievable night! Blake was able to create a warm environment where J'nelle and WT felt comfortable enough to experiment and create. So many special, small moments happened within this very simple script. It was magical. I am grateful for their artistry and abilities.
Although it will be a while before I can post specific details about the program or pictures, I'm hoping to write a reflection piece about this weekend. I'm also looking forward to sharing my costume decisions: from sketches to camera-ready.

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