Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Money Talks...

I've been thinking a lot about money recently...especially after reading Josh Selig's latest blog entry on Planet Preschool. I feel so fortunate to have funding for my current project. I realize, however, that a future life for live-action children's television is limited. I don't think that animation is much cheaper, but it seems more profitable particularly when thinking about international markets. Ugh! What's a girl to do?!

Thanks to children's media know-it-all (I mean this sincerely...the man knows everything) David Kleeman, I came across this interesting project. DinosaurUS ExplorUS is a new project being developed independently. This production company is raising money online in order to produce its first pilot. I'm impressed, shocked, and interested. I wonder if this is the future of production capital. Please read up, share your thoughts, and spread the word about this innovative idea!

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