Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Multi-Platform Approach

I've just entered the creative process for the upcoming series. Literature Review DONE, Story Bible due in May, internship over the summer, pilot shoot in September, pilot testing in September, subsequent shoot in October (hopefully), editing, music, research, thesis defense. Wow. That was a year...is this going to happen? Yes! I've asked several people in the business if they have any advice for starting the creative process. The general answer has been "enjoy it." I'm really taking my time to think things through and make sure my vision is clear before it gets passed on.

I developed a series of "I see..." statements. It really helped me clarify my objectives and ideas for the look of the production. I think it's also helping my advisor, Julie, get a better sense of all the circus junk that's been floating through my head for three years. While creating those, I thought about how short the program actually is and how much content could be shared on the web. It seems like a lot of productions have taken a multi-platform approach: web site, television program, iPhone application, Facebook page, Twitter account, community outreach, etc. I'm very eager and excited to see what kind of content is created specifically for the iPad. The Electric Company team has an amazing, very modern multi-platform approach. The press release describes some of the work they did and continue to do in support of the television program.

I appreciate the cyclical support that multi-platform approach has provided to the launch of a series: Website and social networking sites launch to promote show, show on television, show to support website and additional content.

So far, I thought it would be interesting to post content perhaps on a website about the following:
Circus Glossary
Specific exercises, movements, and tricks to do together with your favorite adult

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