Friday, November 2, 2012

A Very Hoboken Halloween

There's something special about Halloween! As kids, it was a treasured holiday in my family and we celebrated with great neighborhood parties. This year, I tried to carry on that tradition in my own way by hosting friends in Hoboken. We carved pumpkins, shared delicious fall treats, and dressed up in fun and ridiculous costumes.

Anuja and I as variations of our childhood faves:
Hipster Minnie Mouse and Brunette Rainbow Brite
Unfortunately, for a lot of Hoboken kids, Halloween will come a few days late due to Hurricane, it's STILL Halloween on iGeneration! In the last moments of electricity earlier this week, I pieced together an inspiration board for a future Halloween party with a Ghostbusters theme.

1. Imagine this imposing, inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man greeting guests
2. Use contact paper or vinyl window cover to create ghostly figures in hallway and bathroom mirrors
3. Hang cheesecloth ghosts from fans of light fixtures, but remember: don't cross the streams!
4. Vinyl Craft Lettering sells these peek-a-boo monster decals for an added spook in the least likely of places
5. Egon loved collecting spores and slime, so don't let your guests leave the party without some
6. Lollipop ghosts are easy to make with white napkins and a piece of ribbon...stick them in a pumpkin for a cute centerpiece
7. Ghost cake pops are delicious and spooky--order some for the party of DIYvia Bakerella
8. Tori Spelling threw the ultimate Ghostbusters party for her son's birthday, take a cue from her great table and green decorations
9. A Stay Puft marshmallow bar might compliment some warm hot chocolate
10. Slimer, Ghostbuster, and Stay Puft cookies via Tori Spelling's awesome party are delicious, color-scheme complimentary, and fun

Whether you've celebrated Halloween already or plan to celebrate this weekend, have fun, be safe, and do it up!

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