Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Ultimate Lemonade Stand

The best kinds of lemonade stands are spur of the moment creations, making a homemade concoction with your parents, and setting up shop on the sidewalk or front lawn. The lemonade stand is not only a childhood right of passage, it's also a great way to practice necessary developmental skills:

  • Making the lemonade requires math skills for measuring (dependent on your use of the powdery, mixy stuff), fine motor skills when cutting lemons, and also lets kids practice culinary skills 
  • Creating a sign allows kids to practice their handwriting and experiment with their artistic skills
  • Communicating with customers means kids are going to have to socialize with other kids and adults (after several reminders not to talk to strangers), and lets them communicate their ideas about their product
  • Pouring is another great way to practice fine motor skills and requires focus and precision
  • Counting money and making change is a fun way to work on math skills and number sense 

What if you could create the ultimate lemonade stand? I thought about that a bit and put together some of my favorite pieces for the design savvy lemonade parent:child team!

1. Mason jars take the drinking experience up a notch and offer a greener option
2. These pink and yellow straws compliment the lemonade and add a bit of whimsy
3. Don't forget a brightly colored apron to hide the lemonade spills!
4. This vintage cash box not only keeps your earnings in one place, it also brightens up your stand 
5. This sign framed would be a fun and positive reminder for passers-by and potential customers
6. Even if you're making lemonade with a mix, sliced lemons add some fun and flavor
7. Try making your own organic lemonade from scratch with an inexpensive juice press
8. This ceramic lemonade crock has a retro vibe, and the wording is another great way to get the word out on your product

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